Get Connected Mind to help differentiate mental health issues from physical conditions

Imagine, as a primary care physician, you are treating a longtime patient, Mr. Smith, for multiple chronic conditions and back pain.  During his appointment, he looks disheveled and tired, and asks if you can prescribe something to help him sleep.  You are about to prescribe his usual monthly allotment of pain medication and are considering his request to add sleeping pills. But should you?  You decide to administer a paper PHQ-9 test. He scores positive for moderate depression.

You notice he has thoughts of death and dying. 20 minutes later you are still talking with Mr. Smith to assess his situation.  You learn that he just lost a very close friend to cancer and has been feeling “blue” nonstop for about two months. He admits that his medical condition has really been bothering him and that he just, “wants it all to stop.”  He assures you that he wouldn’t leave his family alone, but “bad thoughts” have crossed his mind. 

Now imagine you are automatically screening your patients for mental health conditions using Connected MindTM.  A tablet is presented to Mr. Smith when he checks in to the clinic.  He completes the test and hands the tablet back to the receptionist.  Before you even enter the exam room, you are able to quickly and accurately assess his mental health condition, including any plan or intention to commit suicide. You can determine a course of action without uncorking the bottle of emotion that can come with discussing mental health conditions.

As the example illustrates, the issue is not limited to physicians who focus their practice on mental health.  More often than not, depression presents with only physical symptoms, such as sleeplessness, gastrointestinal distress, or pain.  The treatment for many chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart related conditions and chronic pain are greatly affected by mental health issues.  Almost any type of physician, at some point, will face a patient whose condition is affected by mental health.

Quickly and Accurately Diagnose Your Patients for Depression and Other Mental Health Conditions

Bill Insurance: Connected Mind™ provides a quick and reliable screening and testing tool to make sure your patients don’t slip through the cracks.  Our logic engine takes the guess work out of diagnosing by adding or ruling out each condition to help ensure your patients receive the customized care they need, and that you want to provide.  Our unlimited testing model provides the ability to test everyone that comes through the door and reimbursement rates generally range between $7 and $65 for screening, full assessment or substance abuse testing.

Improve Compliance: Connected Mind™ utilizes the PHQ-9 tool and helps manage MIPS Quality Measures, including identifying and monitoring depression, bipolar, substance use, and suicidality.  Our detailed reports allow you to diagnose and track your patients over time, alerting if a patient reported thoughts, plans, or intentions to commit suicide.  You can make an appropriate patient plan before you enter the room.

Easy to Use: Connected Mind™ is subscription based and quick and easy to setup and use.  It takes less than 5 minutes to download and configure, and is so intuitive that no training is required to use it.  All you need is an iPad or an Android tablet and an internet connection.  You can cancel at any time with the click of a button. There are no numbers to call or hoops to jump through, you are in complete control.  You don't even need a credit card to give it a try.

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