Automated Intelligent Mental Health Triage

Interfaces To Most EHRs In Minutes


Its all connected

If a patient suffers from depression there is a 50% chance they also suffer from anxiety, and a 30% chance they suffer from somatic symptom disorder. If a patient suffers from depression, bipolar depression needs to be ruled out or the medication may send the patient into a manic episode. Bipolar can often be mistaken for ADHD and vice versa, but the treatment for one condition can cause significant issues with the other, making proper diagnosis imperative. Substance use disorder and Suicidality linger behind the scenes of all of these conditions, and if left undiscovered create significant impact.

Screening for all of these conditions is not realistic and over-burdensome, so most of the time doctors are forced to ignore the comorbidities and settle for a rudimentary depression screening - UNTIL NOW!

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How it works

Connected Mind® uses FAST Check® technology to quickly triage patients for mental health conditions while they wait. Most patients complete the triage process in under a minute. For those that require further questioning, our intelligent system builds and administers a personalized interview for up to 6 mental health conditions, while also looking for risks of suicide.

Studies show that patients are more honest and willing to share personal information on a tablet, so the interview process is fully patient led and takes place on an iPad or Android device. Once the patient completes the Connected Mind FAST Check a profile of the patient’s mental health is instantly uploaded to the EHR, requiring no additional questions unless the doctor deems it necessary. The Connected Mind FAST Check mental health triage and subsequent personalized interview is like nothing else on the market. The Connected Mind FAST Check is billable to most major insurance, including medicare, so doctors get paid for their work.


Find the 1 in 4

1 in 4 adults suffer from a mental health condition. Very often those conditions affect a patient's physical health. Often times patients either don't know they have a mental health condition, or they are uncomfortable or afraid to share that information with their provider. As an example; studies show that “69% of patients diagnosed with depression presented with only physical symptoms". What is even more distressing is that 45% of those who successfully commit suicide visited their primary care doctor less than 30 days before they ended their lives. Asking a patient “do you feel depressed” is not enough. Now there is a way to find the 1 in 4 without negatively impacting workflow. With Connected Mind’s® FAST Check® technology, most patients can be successfully screened in under a minute while they wait.



“… I have everything I need to make a plan before I go into the exam room. I am able to be proactive which saves me significant time. I feel that I am doing a better job assessing my patients. I recommend using Connected Mind ..."

~ Gustavo H Day, MD

“Connected Mind helps me identify mental health conditions that I often would not catch without this type of tool. It helps me to provide better patient care and takes significantly less time...”

~Derek LeJeune, MD