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Intelligent Mental Health Assessments from a Simple Screening

6 Mental Health Conditions

8 Questions

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Connected Mind®







In the cloud

hosted on AWS infrastructure using microservice technology, we were built from the ground up to integrate


Infinite Scalability

our web api sits on top of lambda functions and with that comes high availability and infinite scalability



Hipaa compliant and fully capable of integrating with your system at multiple levels.

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Connected Mind®

Our clinical app is powered BY OUR web API Learn More


White Label

turn our app into your app and scale your business quickly and securely


Visualize The Future With Connected Mind®

Connected Mind® delivers the capability to assess 6 common mental health conditions and suicide risk by asking 8 screening questions. 

Integrate our mental health screening into your application and help people who would otherwise slip through the cracks.



Let's Talk

We believe through partnership and shared vision, we can enable superior and affordable healthcare technology that is not held hostage by a "winner takes all" philosophy. 

Connected Mind® is ready to participate in the next generation healthcare ecosystem with our secure web APIs. 

Let's get in front of the mental health crisis and do this together. 


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