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Intelligent Mental Health Assessments from a Simple Screening

Mental Health Screening

I do NOT screen my patients

69% of patients diagnosed with depression presented with only a physical symptom; that is only depression.

Doing nothing doesn’t solve the problem either. Now we have to deal with a 15 minute cough and cold visit turning into an unplanned 45 minute visit when we ask our patient, “How are you doing today”.

Not to mention, a dramatic increase in after hours calls from patients suffering from somatic symptom disorder, a reduction in outcomes for those suffering from depression, or anxiety, and an overall increase in healthcare costs causing more regulations.

The fact is that Mental Health is here to stay and it affects our practices, our workflow, our time, and our outcomes.

Finally there is a solution. Connected Mind saves time by eliminating the unplanned “uncorking the bottle” in the room, reduces risk by giving a complete picture of a patient’s Mental health before entering the exam room with no additional questions needed. Because Connected Mind uses FAST Check™ technology most patients are done in under a minute. For those that do need additional screening the screening for up to 6 conditions is automatically chosen and administered. Everything is done automatically while a patient waits.